A Message from The 100 Club of Rhode Island

President Joseph Terino, Jr.


          Welcome to the 100 Club of Rhode Island web page. I am extremely honored to be President of such a fine and charitable organization, dedicated to first responders and their families in every law enforcement and fire service throughout our state. As a former volunteer fireman and retired chief, I understand the risks taken and the sacrifices these men and woman make for each of us, each and every day.

          Our organization has a slate of officers and Board of Directors, supplemented by committee members who unselfishly donate their time and talents to continue the great work we do.

          I had the pleasure of working closely with former President Jim Grundy during my late term as vice-president, implementing his ideas to improve awareness of this critically important organization. Together, and with the Board’s approval, we were able to make a $75,000 donation toward the building of the RI Firefighters Memorial in Exeter, where the 100 Club flag flies proudly at the site along with a memorial plaque.

          We continue to attend Police and Fire Academy orientation classes, making presentations about the 100 Club; who we are and what we do. During President Grundy’s term we established a program by which all newly-built police and fire stations receive a donation of $1,000 and a mounted plaque recognizing the 100 Club’s contribution. To date we have six plaques; five in police stations and one in fire.

          In spite of the arrival of the Covid pandemic during my first term, I am working closely with Vice President Michael Donatelli, the board, and our committees to press forward with new ideas and programs.

          In June 2020, I recommended, and the Board approved, a contribution of $30,000 for badly needed training equipment for the RI Municipal Police Training Academy, which serves all 39 Rhode Island communities. A plaque noting our donation is mounted in the facility.

          In August 2020 we donated $7,500 to the RI Fire Chiefs Foundation toward acquiring a new trailer for the Last Team, a group of volunteer firefighters who work with the families of the fallen to coordinate funerals and processions. The 100 Club logo is displayed on the trailer.

          This year we are instituting a new program for both police and fire departments who are seeking funds to purchase unbudgeted equipment that falls within our mission, which will be evaluated each year. As a member of both the RI Police Chiefs Association and the RI Fire Chiefs Association, I am working with both presidents on the establishment of a wellness program.

          We continue our efforts to find ways to heighten awareness of our organization. Each new member increases our ability to positively impact the police and fire personnel who keep us safe. Our current members are proud to display our 100 Club emblems on their license plates.

          Please consider becoming a member of this great organization, and join us as we support our brave first responders in this great state of Rhode Island.



Joseph Terino, Jr.