Dear 100 Club Members, Officers and Supporters,

I would like to begin with thanking the 100 Club Board of Directors and Membership for having the confidence in me to allow me to assume the presidency of this organization.  I would like to secondly thank outgoing President Filippelli for his leadership and tutelage over the past two years.  He tackled several old and difficult issues, clearly leaving the organization in better shape than when he was elected and for that, was as the 100 Club are grateful.

 I have had the privilege of being a member of the 100 Club of RI for 33 years serving on the 100 Club of RI Board of Directors for the 8 years before serving two years as Vice President during which I served 9 years as Benefits Committee Chairman.  During my 9 years as Benefits Chair, we had the unfortunate task of presenting at least one service related Benefits check ever year except one. The two most consistent things present at almost all of the 10 Benefits I have presented was a lack of full awareness or knowledge of what the 100 Club was and what we do, and Father Marciano, who always made himself available during those difficult presentations and also always knew exactly what to say.

Our goals for the next two years will be twofold:

1. Increase awareness of the 100 Club of RI, its mission and its purpose, particularly to the first responder community.  This has begun already as Vice President Joe Terino and myself were able to address the RI Municipal Fire Academy Class 005 this spring to expose them to the history and benefits of the 100 Club.

2. Increase our digital outreach and improve our web services such as web renewals and electronic payment options.  We also want to make our site more user friendly and more expansive.

Together with the Board of Directors and Vice President Joe Torino, I look forward towards the challenges of next two years, wishing all of our First Responders a thank you for the services they provide.

— James R. Grundy
President, 100 Club of Rhode Island